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CHEM 5109
Irene Lottini

Sabrina Blair 8-4 March 14, 2009 DRACULA Chapters 22 -23 – Study Guide 1. What do the men discover when they return to Renfield’s room? The men discover that Renfield’s face is bruised and crushed. His neck was broken. (pg. 398) 2. What decision do Dr. Seward and Van Helsing make regarding Mina’s knowledge of their activities? They come to the conclusion that no information will be kept from Mina. (pg. 399) 3. Mina vows to kill herself if she will endanger the others in any way. Why does Dr. Van Helsing tell her this can not be? The Count must truly die because he is quick with the un-dead. He would make Mina become one of the hideous things he is. (pg. 400) 4. How does Van Helsing propose to enter the Count’s locked house in Piccadilly by daylight without drawing unnecessary attention? They are going to have a locksmith pick the lock. (pg. 403) 5. Why does Van Helsing say that the group will be unlikely to run into the Count during the day? Van Helsing says that the Count has banqueted heavily. He will sleep late. (pg. 406) 6. What happens as a result of Van Helsing’s attempt to protect Mina from the Count while they are gone? The sacred wafer burns Mina’s forehead. (pg. 408) 7. How does Van Helsing purify the boxes of earth at Carfax? Van Helsing puts a piece of sacred wafer into each box. (pg. 410) 8. What are the men distressed to learn about the boxes of earth at the Piccadilly house? They find only eight of the boxes. There are supposed to be nine. (pg. 413) 9. What personal effects belonging to the Count do the men find at Piccadilly? They find title deed
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