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CHE 205 Midterm: exam 1 study guide

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Chemical Engineering
CHE 205

CHE 253 Exam #1 Study Guide 1. List the 6 types of materials and be able to distinguish between them. 2. List the 6 material properties and briefly describe each. 3. Explain what 3 factors contribute to the electron behavior of an atom and what effect it has on material properties. 4. Calculate the wavelength of an object given its’ mass and velocity and determine if it will influence the object. 5. Describe the electronic structure of an element and identify its’ valence shell. 6. Explain how thermodynamics and kinetics help determine if an event is possible. 7. Describe the Arrhenius relationship and apply it. 8. Determine the coordination number of an atom. 9. Identify the 3 primary bond types. 10. Determine the type of primary bond between two atoms based on their electronegativity and number of valence electrons. 11. Distinguish between primary and secondary bonds. 12. Explain a bond energy diagram. 13. Distinguish between short and long range order. 14. Explain what a crystal structure is using the concepts of a lattice, basis and unit
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