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Animal and Veterinary Science
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AVS 324
Fred Launer

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Swine: Practice Questions 1. What are two signs of imminent parturition in pigs? 2. Why do we castrate baby male pigs? 3. When litters are processed at a day of age what five procedures are done? 4. The hormone responsible for milk production is? 5. What are EPDs? 6. What does oxytocin do? 7. Baby pigs nurse at intervals of __________ for a duration of ____________ 8. We routinely blood test swine for four potentially catastrophic diseases. What are they? 9. What is MMA? 10. What is the ideal birth weight for baby pigs and why? 11. Name four of the procedures done on day old pigs. 12. Are any of the four swine diseases that are routinely tested for (#8) zoonotic? 13. What is the proper name for a castrated male pig? 14. What is the estrous cycle for sows? 15. What is the most important trait for boars? 16. Name the three types of fat located in pigs. 17. We vaccinate pigs for three diseases, what are they? 18. What is the most stressful day of a pig’s life? 19. What is the second most stressful day of a pig’s life? 20. Feral pigs are a threat to the swine industry because a significant number are infected with what two diseases? 21. What is the second highest cause of death in piglets? Swine: Practice Questions Answer Key 1. not eating, seeming restless 2. Testosterone gives the male a tainted flavor when consumed; it also makes boars aggressive and dangerous. Piglets have smaller blood supply and lower cortical response (perception of pain) which is why castration is performed on piglets rather t
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