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University of Rhode Island
Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 324
Fred Launer

Poultry Practice Questions 1. This is he costliest disease for USA poultry producers. 2. How can we differentiate between VVND and HPAI? 3. Label this diagram of an egg. 4. When raising broiler chickens, what percentage do we keep for replacements? 5. When egg laying chickens drop to a production level of 50%, we either send them to _____________ or ______________ 6. The gestation length in ducks is? 7. What is the purpose of the following? a) Proventriculus b) Gizzard c) Crop 8. What is the purpose of the following? a) Chalaza b) Germinal Disk c) Outer Membrane 9. All brown egg laying chickens contain genetic material from what breed of bird? 10. Define feed efficiency in laying hens. Poultry Practice Questions Answer Key 1. Coccidiosis 2. VVND (Valogenic Visotropic New Castle Disease) can cause neurological damage, unlike HPAI (High Pathogenic Avian Influenza). Neurological damage is not always noticeable with VVND, but can be things such as the chickens putting their heads down between their legs or turning their heads around 180 degrees in a way that under normal conditions is impossible. Otherwise, VVND and HPAI have the same symptoms. 3. Labels from left side top to bottom: shell (made of calcium carbonate
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