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Animal and Veterinary Science
AVS 324
Fred Launer

Equine Practice Questions 1. Breeding a mare to a jack produces a ____________. 2. Horses are ________ polyestrous, with a cycle length of ______ days. 3. Appropriate vaccination of horses includes EEE. True, false or sometimes? 4. Horses use hindgut digestion. What does that mean? Be specific. 5. Colic is a stomachache, often caused by a build up of gas. What prevents gas from escaping? 6. Given an ideal set of circumstances how should horses be fed and why? 7. Gestation length of horses is ________. Gestation length of donkeys is ______. 8. Horses have ______ pairs of salivary glands that produce ______ gallons of saliva daily. 9. What do you mean “float teeth” and why do we do it? 10. What vaccines are appropriate for horses in Rhode Island (name at least 3)? Answer Key 1. mule 2. seaso
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