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Role of government: 1870- U.S. govt. funded westward expansion by building railroads, dams and other public facilities . They also clear the land of Indians. Plessy V. Ferguson was a U.S. supreme court decision that supported the legality of jim crow laws that permitted or required “separate but equal” facilities for blacks and whites. (1890’s) Scopes Trial was the trial of John Scopes, Tennessee teacher accused of violating state law prohibiting teaching of evolution. He was found guilty but then it was overturned. The Social SecurityAct gave retirement pensions, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and welfare. New deal was FDR’s campaign promise, in his speech to the Democratic National Convention of 1932, to combat the Great Depression with a “new deal” for theAmerican people; the plan included many government funded projects such as building dams and roads to boost the economy. NeutralityActs were laws passed between 1935 to 1939 to keep the U.S. from becoming involved in war by prohibitingAmerican trade and travel to warring countries. WWII was a time in American history were the U.S. government boosted spending in the homefront to insure victory in Germany and Japan. The U.S won with govt. help Containment was the U.S strategy in the Cold War to contain Soviet expansion. This idea included spending lots of money to persuade other countries not to join communism.Also know Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine Brown Vs. Board of Ed. Was a supreme Court case that struck down racial segregation in public education and said “separate but equal” was unconstitutional. (1954) Voting rights Act authorized federal protection of the right to vote and permitted federal enforcement of minority voting rights in individual counties. Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination of public facilities and employment Conservative movement was when Reagan took office, he wanted a smaller government and lower taxes on the wealthy. Race, C
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