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KIN 275
Darren Beck

KIN 275 Exam 1 9/6/13 What is kinesiology? Study of human movement Where is Phys. Activity knowledge Experience derived from? Scholarship Professional Practice What are some areas of study under the Exercise on mult. Body systems Kinesiology Branch? Energy metabolism Rehabilitation programs Effects of nutrition on performance What are some specializations in Cardiac rehab Kinesiology? Exercise biochem. Exercise epidemiology Pedi exercise science Where does exercise physiology live for Large systems all the way down to the most part? genetics What does exercise phys. Measure? Acute to chronic adaptations 9/9/13 What is exercise? Planned, structural, and repetitive movement What is physical fitness? Physical attributes that allow the body to respond or adapt to physical demands How do we practice a physical activity Putting knowledge to work in physical profession? activity careers What percentage of the American adult 30% population is obese? What is an ADL? Activities of Daily Living What are IADL’s? More strenuous than ADL’s What are home maintenance activities? Demand more energy than ADL’s and IADL’s Ex.) Shoveling snow, gardening What are some challenges for Age, physical activity Kinesiologists? Physical activity levels in children are decreasing 9/11/13 What is one of the biggest burdens on Death and disease corresponds with low physical activity and national interest? physical activity What leads to the health crisis of Failure to make physical activity a part obesity? of our daily lives. What is the job of the kinesiologist? Figure out how to get people moving safely, effectively, and efficiently to improve health benefits. What is physical performance Fitness developed through training capacity? What is training? Physical activity for the purpose of conditioning What is conditioning? End state of training reflected by performer’s strength, endurance, and flexibility What is a characteristic of a physically fitHas sufficient energy remaining to carry person? out the day after training. What two countries did physical fitness India (9 century BC) and Greece (4 th originate? and 5 century BC) What was Hitchcock and Hitchcock Exercise is as important in college as theory? libraries are. Who is Dr. Jeremy Morris? Studied London bus study Concluded that bus conductors who were active on double decker buses were less at risk for heart disease. What is the Framingham Heart Study Random sample of 5,209 adults between (1948-present)? 30-62years and gave bi-annual physical exams 9/13/13 WELLNESS: THE NEW HEALTH GOAL What are the 6 dimensions of wellness? Emotional wellness Intellectual wellness Spiritual wellness Interpersonal and social wellness Environmental or planetary wellness Physical wellness What is Physical wellness? Ability to meet life’s demands and be able to respond to unplanned events What are the 5 components of health Cardiorespiratory endurance related physical fitness? Muscular strength Muscular endurance Flexibility Body composition What is cardiorespiratory endurance? Ability to perform prolonged, large muscle exercise at moderate to high levels of intensity. What is muscular strength? Max pulling force of a muscle or muscle group. What is muscular endurance? Ability of muscle or muscle groups to stay contracted or contract repeatedly What is flexibility? Range of motion of joint or group of joints What is body composition? Relationship between fat free mass and fat mass. What are some contributors to Causes of death are behavior-related mortality? Social/environmental factors Why study PA and health? Necessity for PA has all but vanished What diseases and risk factors are associated with low-level PA? 9/16/13 Why are we in need of fitness Shift from communicable diseases to improvement? “Hypokinetic diseases” What is hypokinetic disease? Low movement What were some leading causes of A lot were solved by washing hands death? (1990) What are some of the leading causes of Diseases that have more to do with death today? behavior (sedentary lifestyle) and that is where kinesiologists come in. What are some hypokinetic diseases? CVD Diabetes Obesity Low back pain Stroke Cancer Difference between infectious and Microorganisms for infectious and chronic diseases? chronic is caused by lifestyle What are some overall leading causes of Heart disease death? Cancer Stroke Chronic lower respiratory diseases Diabetes What is the result of more time watching Increased risk of obesity and diabetes TV? What is the largest glucose-utilizing Skeletal muscle organ in the body? What is the result of cigarette smoking? Increased risk of lung cancer What is the result of low intake of fruit Increased risk of heart disease? and vegetables? What is the result of few healthy Increased risk of heart disease behaviors? What is a rule of thumb for exercise? More is not always better! Studies show that cortisol is released when overworked which is the same chemical released when stressed. (Catabolic) 9/18/13 What are some other factors that effect Environment wellness? Healthcare Genetics Why is Genetics/Heredity a huge area of Search for genetic variations that explain research? the differences in individuals. What are some of the genetic variations Cardiorespiratory endurance that are being looked at? Muscle fitness Body composition Longevity What are some genetic Chromosome disorders = down conditions/traits? syndrome Single gene disorders = cystic fibrosis, sickle cells disease, hemophilia Mitochondrial disorders = Leber hereditary optic neuropathy Multifactorial conditions= heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer…. Why is family history so important? Gives insight as to why you may have certain health conditions Where is the best place to evaluate sources of health information? What are some misleading languages to Studies are rarely 100% conclusive look for? “Medical breakthrough” “Miracle/magical” “Cure-all” “No side effects” “Proven” or “clinically proven” How do we properly evaluate sources of Find source of info health information? Who was the author or sponsor of site What are the 6-transtheoretical model Precontemplation stages of change? Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance Termination 9/20/13 What is the most active region in the Rocky Mountain and Northwest United States? What is the least active region in the Southeast United States? What are some p
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