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University of Rhode Island
Nutrition and Food Sciences
NFS 207

4 leading diet related causes of death Heart Disease, Cancers, Strokes, Diabetes Mellitus 4 Hard / Soft water hard: high mineral content Soft: low mineral content 5 Renin enzyme released by kidneys when blood pressure is too low activates angiotensin 25 Weight Loss Strategy Remember Water Focus on fiber Choose Fats sensibly 26 Vitamins v micronutrients Both are composed of carbon Hydrogen Oxygen and Nitrogen Differ in structure and function (vitamins don't yeild energy) 27 Thiamin Deficiency in malnourished and alcoholics Beriberi 28 Riboflavin Milk and milk products Destroyed by ultraviolet, irradiation, but NOT by cooking 29 Niacin Deficiency = Pellagra (dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia) Only supplemental Niacin causes harm. "Niacin Flush" 30 Biotin Deficiencies = rare Can be induced by eating raw egg whites No UL 31 Pantothenic Acid Part of Coenzyme A Energy metabolism, synthesis of fat Deficiency is rare NO UL 32 B6 Deficiency symptoms: depression, confusion, anemia Toxicity results in irreversible nerve degeneration Best soruces: Meat Fish Poultry 33 Folate Deficiency = neural tube defect spina bifida May prevent heart attack and stroke and colon cancer 34 B12 Deficiency = pernicious anemia 35 VitaminA Retinol - reproduction Retinal - vision Retinoic acid - cell differentiation, growth, embryonic development 36 VitaminA Deficiency Infectious diseases measles may be fatal Malaria, lung diseases and HIV Night Blindness Blindness 37 Vitamin D deficiency Rickets bones fail to calcify normally Affects children Osteomalacia poor mineralization of bone affects adults bones are soft and flexible
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