ADV 318J Study Guide - Final Guide: A.D. Vision, Ipad, Crass

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28 Sep 2017
ADV is one of many IBP tools*
Advertising can be a persuasive message about an idea; its not only just about products
Advertising must be effective- Clients demand that ads produce!demonstrable results-
and!“coolness” alone is not a result
Ads do not have a single meaning-!Each audience member decides what meaning to take away
from ad!
The harsh truth- eliciting a desired meaning is incredibly difficult
Promotion-!**Advertising is only one type of tool used for promotion!**
We are tired of this advertising barrage; we’ve become more psychologically resistant
New media!technology gives us the power to avoid this barrage
Agencies come in all shapes and sizes; they offer different levels of expertise
What this means for clients- they must evaluate the goodness-of-fit!with agencies
To be successful in Advertising- you must understand that advertising mirrors contemporary
Fear and Anxiety- one trend that repeats itself over and over again is that advertisers leverage
public fear and!anxiety to sell products
Class or Crass….? Context determines what ads are seen as acceptable or offensive; it changes
based on time or place
While not!coding unethical ads.. we must be wary!of presuming that!ads have strong, direct
effects on behaviors (either functional and maladaptive)
Please Consider… legal issues aside, the social and ethical dimensions of advertising are
debatable. What offends one person may entertain and connect with another.
To create ads that resonate… you have to understand what needs your consumers want filed and
how to align your product with those needs
But…consumer behavior is often NOT systematic and logical!
But STP strategies must evolve-!The IBP field is dynamic so brands must constantly assess and
update their STP strategies
Effective Positioning is one of the most important decisions faced by advertisers; must
demonstrate value to the target
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