ADV 319 Study Guide - Final Guide: Acculturation, Baby Boomers, Generation Z

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10 Dec 2018

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Chapter 13: Subcultures
Groups exert influence in our behavior and decisions
Social identity is part of the self that our group memberships define
The categories that matter in establishing our consumer identity are
Example of subgroups: gender, race/ethnicity, religion, age, and
geographic location
Share common beliefs + preferences
Advertising Application
Marketers should take consumer’s racial + ethnic differences into
account when formulating strategies
Racial + ethnic differences will impact consumption habits
Minorities find spokespeople from their own group more
trustworthy credibility positive brand attitudes + purchase
We don’t see a lot of representation in advertising other than the
white population, there has been a slight shift
P&G ad: #Lovehasnobias “what if you grew up to be everything your mom
dreamed for you” Social Class Inequality
P&G ad: “You’re not pretty for a black girl, you’re pretty period.” Changing of bias
through the generations Racial Inequality
How cultures can be defined
High-Context: knit and infer meanings past words (symbols +
gestures/mannerisms are very important)
Low-Context: more literal
Advertising Application
You need to be mindful of the visuals/symbols that you add
How a person adapt to the values/beliefs when they move to another
People acculturate at different speeds
Acculturation agents are crucial
Culture of origin
Church organizations
Same language media
Culture of Immigration
Public schools, english-language media
Government agencies
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