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CH 301 Quiz #4 Notes.docx

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CH 301
Dave A.Laude

Quiz 4 Notes 11Theory Statistical Thermodynamics This study deals with the system of a molecule one at a timeTo find internal energyE12kTo Energy per molecule per degree of motion freedom in a system To find internal entropySk ln W o Absolute entropy per molecule in a system 23Constant k Boltazmann constant138 x 10 JK for both equations12 Calculation Statistical Mechanics Determination of Internal Energy Each atom has three directions to move N atoms will have 3N ways to moveTranslationthe molecule change location o Ex water moving to the left because all 3 atoms move left3 ways all molecules can moveRotationthe molecule spins o Ex water spinning counterclockwiseNonlinear molecules rotate 3 waysLinear molecules rotate 2 waysVibrationthe molecule twists o Ex water vibratingNonlinear molecules vibrate 3N6 ways6 comes from 3 transitions3 rotationsLinear molecules vibrate 3N5 ways5 comes from 3 t
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