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CH 301 Finals Question Types.docx

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CH 301
Dave A.Laude

Finals Questions Quantum Mechanics and the atom 1. Calculation: electromagnetic radiation spectrum 2. Theory: Balmer, Rydberg and atomic spectra 3. Theory: particle in a box 4. Calculation: uncertainty principle 5. Calculation: deBroglie equation 6. Theory: Schrodinger and wave equations 7. Problem: applying quantum number rules 8. Theory: Aufbau, Pauli and Hund 9. Problem: electronic configurations 10. Definition: periodic table nomenclature 11. Theory: periodic trends: IE, EA, AR, IR 12. Ranking: periodic trends: IE, EA, AR, IR Lewis structures 13. Ranking: crystal lattice energy 14. Problem: Lewis structures of ionic compounds 15. Problem: Lewis structures of covalent compounds 16. Problem: Lewis structures of covalent compounds 17. Problem: Lewis structures of covalent compounds 18. Problem: formal charge 19. Problem: formal charge and correct Lewis structures 20. Ranking: EN, bond energy, bond length Bonding 21. Ranking: dipole moments and bond polarity 22. Problem: molecule polarity from VSEPR 23. Problem: VB theory of hybrid orbits 24. Problem: electronic and molecular geometry 25. Problem: σ and π bonds in molecule 26. Problem: AOs that comprise MOs in a bond 27. Problem: filling MOs of diatomic molecules 28. Calculation: bond order from MO 29. Problem: paramagnetism from MO
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