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ngac (ttn793) – H01: Basic Fundamentals – mccord – (51600) 1 This print-out should have 16 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on 3. silver the next column or page – find all choices before answering. 4. silicon correct Explanation: 001 10.0 points The symbol for silicon is Si. Give the names for the symbols Fe, Hg, N, Au, and Ne (in that order). 004 10.0 points What is the symbol for the element lead? 1. fluorine, hydrogen, nitrogen, gold, neon 1. Pb correct 2. iron, hydrogen, nickel, gold, nitrogen 2. La 3. iron, mercury, nitrogen, silver, neon 4. iron, mercury, nitrogen, gold, neon cor- 3. Ld rect 4. Le 5. fluorine, mercury, nickel, silver, neon Explanation: The symbol for lead is Pb. Explanation: Fe is iron, Hg is mercury, N is nitrogen, Au 005 10.0 points is gold, and Ne is neon. Which of the following is a chemical property of sulfur? 002 10.0 points Identify the symbols for the elements phos- 1. burns in air correct phorus, potassium, silver, chlorine, and sul- fur, in that order. 2. dissolves in carbon disulfide 1. Ph, K, Ag, S, Cl 3. density of 2.07 g/ml 2. K, Ag, Po, Cl, S 4. melts at 119 C Explanation: 3. P, K, Ag, Cl, Scorrect Burning in air as opposed to melting or dis- 4. P, Po, Ag, Cl, S solving shows a change it undergoes in chem- ical composition. Melting and dissolving are physical properties not chemical. 5. Ph, Po, Ag, Al, S Explanation: 006 10.0 points The symbol for phosphorus is P, for potas- Which of the following describes a chemical sium K, for silver Ag, for chlorine Cl, and for change? sulfur S. 1. water is heated from 0Cto50 ▯C 003 10.0 points What is the element symbolized by Si? 2. alcohol evaporates 1. sulfur 3. gasoline burns in an engine correct 2. sodium 4. wood is carved ngac (ttn793) – H01: Basic Fundamentals – mccord – (51600) 2 Explanation: 2. heat of fusion Achemicalchangeoccurswhenoneormore substances are consumed (at least partially), 3. mass correct and one or more new substances are formed. 4. temperature 007 10.0 points Explanation: Which of the following describes a physical Extensive properties are those which de- change? pend on the amount of substance present. Mass depends and is directly proportional to 1. Food is digested in the stomach. the amount of matter present. 2. Wood burns 010 10.0 points Which of the following is an extensive prop- 3. Plants decompose in a compost pile. erty? 4. Ice melts correct 1. 140 calories per tablespoon 5. Iron rusts 2. 3.58 dollars/pound Explanation: Aphihgeustiocne 3. 3miles correct in chemical composition. Melting involves no
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