ECO 304K Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Tomato Paste, Marginal Product, Demand Curve

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2 Oct 2018
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ECO 304K Full Course Notes
ECO 304K Full Course Notes
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Eco 304k fall 2015: jack runs a dorm cleaning service. He works 8 hours, and pays for cleaning supplies. He could spend the 8 hours working for /hour. c. d. e. he does not have any economic profit: the following table relates a sandwich shop"s output to its labor input. Answers: labor = 1, labor = 2, labor = 3, labor = 4, labor = 5, which of a pizza restaurant"s costs is most likely to be fixed? a. Number of workers c. cheese and tomato paste d. cardboard pizza boxes e. rent on its building: a firm has fixed costs of and total variable costs of at 200 units of output. c. d. e. : todd"s t-shirt town makes t-shirts using capital and labor, both of which cost per hour to rent or hire.

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