MIS 301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Information Security, Business Intelligence, Long Tail

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12.4.13 MIS 301 TEST REVIEW
Information security
o Largely definition, T/F questions
Ex: hacker is manager of database system FALSE
From slides & iPremiere slides
o Conceptual question
Internet constantly evolving, individual parts that are
moving & coming up w/patterns
Ex: if you are operating a business on Internet, ways to
exploit CAS exploit long tail,
Software Project MGMT & Requirements Gathering
o Project mgmt creating & designing a IS (goal)
o Software project mgmt. an approach to how you implement
Phased approach requirements gathering phases, analysis
phase, design, test/simulation phase. KNOW PHASES (what
they are & major components).
house metaphor
PMI go to & look at phased approach. Link is in slides
If you go into consulting, you get this certification
o How requirements are gathered
Supply Chain MGMT
o Where you get materials for product, how you put them together to
develop product, input/output, distribution chain, do you have a retail
storefront, how does product ultimately touch your customer
Decision paths that can change profit
Business Intelligence (BI)
o how you develop knowledge about your business, so that you can run
your business processes & software in most effective manner & know
o part internal analysis, part understanding of how you run your own
business. External what kind of data analytics from customers.
Focus groups, observation, hard analytics, click-through data,
product access data, financial number data, etc.
o Database
Metadata data that describes data
Think of a dictionary; large titles.
Data about whatever your data is
Recent Frequent Monetary RFM way to analyze customers based on their
most recent purchases, how much, etc.
o Target example girl shopping?
o Long tail 80%, 20%
not really popular, but it sucks you in?
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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