S W 318 Final: Review Exam 4

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Social work
S W 318
Rivaux S L

Review Exam 4 More conceptual and applied. Regression, correlation and (conceptually) multivariate statistics. Correlation: • Closer you get to zero, the weaker the relationship. • 0 = no relationship • 0-.2 = very weak, >.2 -.4 = weak, >.4 - .6 = moderate, >.6 - .8 = strong, >.8 – 1 = very strong. • T distribution • Pearson’s r o Can look at direction or whether the variables move together (positive and negative) o Covariation o How closely associated/strength o Direction o Tells existence, strength and direction. o -1 to +1 • r squared o Coefficient of determination o How much variation in the dependent does the independent explain? (proportion of variance explained) ▪ R squared is small if it does not explain it o Can look at direction or whether the variables move together (positive or negative) o Tells about strength and existence but not direction because it is always positive. o 0 to 1 Linear Regression: • Also called (ordinary) least squares method. • Every dot that is not on a line is an error in prediction • Least squares line = best fitting line = regression line • The distance between best fitting line and the dots are residuals. o Want to have fewest sums of squares errors. • has to have an independent variable predicting a dependent variable. • Predict dependent variable from independent variable • How much does dependent variable change when independent variable changes by 1 unit? • More than 3 variables. • Existence, direction, and sort of tells about strength but harder to interpret. • F distribution • What separates ANOVA and regression is l
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