PSY 2301 Midterm: Study Guide 11

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Published on 6 Oct 2019
Chapter 13: Personality
1. A set of relatively enduring behavioral characteristics and predispositions is a person's
2. According to Freud, most of the things we do, think, and feel are caused by
unconscious forces we are not aware of.
3. According to Freud, an adult who smokes, overeats, and has a "biting" sense of humor
probably had difficulty during which stage of development?
4. Imagine you work for a nasty boss, but have repressed your hostility toward him. If anxiety
about this hostility begins to surface, you might use your anger to help you win several local
martial arts competitions. This is an example of
5. According to Jung, our myths and dreams are full of archetypes, which are
inherited ideas and symbols that are common to all people.
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