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BIOL 1210- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 12 pages long!)

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BIOL 1210
Renee Dawson

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[BIOL 1210] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Chapter 1: Biology: Exploring Life Biology: The study of life • Properties and processes associated with life o Reproduction: ▪ organisms can produce their own kind o Growth and Development: ▪ Inherited information encoded in DNA controls the pattern of growth and development of all organisms o Energy Processing: ▪ Organisms take energy and use it to power all their activities o Evolutionary Adaptation: ▪ Evolution over countless generations as individuals with heritable traits that are best suited to their environment have greater reproductive success o Regulation: ▪ Organisms have regulatory mechanisms that maintain a beneficial internal environment o Response to the Environment: ▪ All organisms respond to environmental stimuli o Order: ▪ Life is characterized by highly ordered structures • Biologists arrange the diversity of life into three domains o Domain Bacteria ▪ Bacteria o Domain Archaea ▪ Archaea o Domain Eukarya ▪ Protists (multiple kingdoms) ▪ Kingdom Plantae ▪ Kingdom Fungi ▪ Kingdom Animalia Hierarchy of Organization 1. Biosphere: a. All the life on earth and the places where life exists 2. Ecosystems: a. All the organisms in a particular area, as well as the physical components with which life interacts such as soil, water, and light find more resources at
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