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AGNR 292 Quiz: 292 Quiz 3 study guideExamPremium

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Agriculture and Natural Resources
Course Code
AGNR 292
Kimberly Campbell
Study Guide

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1) In a query, Access sorts fields first based on the sort field that is __________ in the
design grid of the query window when in Design view.
a. Leftmost
b. Rightmost
c. Adjacent to the leftmost field
d. Adjacent to the rightmost field
2) In the criterion, <=250, the operator will return values for the specified field that are
a. Less than 250
b. Equal to 250
c. Less than or equal to 250
d. Great than or equal to 250
3) Queries based on more than one table, must have a ___________ field.
a. Common
b. Similar
c. Text
d. Calculated
4) Statistical information such as totals and averages is calculated using __________.
a. Comparison operators
b. Mathematical operators
c. Aggregate functions
d. Logical functions
5) Which view must be used to delete an entire record
a. Design
b. Query
c. Navigation
d. Datasheet
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