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AGNR 292 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Unique Key, Filename Extension, Foreign KeyExamPremium

1 pages41 viewsSpring 2019

Agriculture and Natural Resources
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AGNR 292
Kimberly Campbell
Study Guide

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292 Quiz 1 Study Guide
1) Each Column in an Access table datasheet represents a ______.
a) Query
b) Record
c) Field
d) Primary Key
2) Each row in an Access table datasheet displays which of the following?
a) A query
b) A record
c) A field type
d) A data type
3) What is the purpose of the primary key?
a) To uniquely identify each record in a table
b) To uniquely identify each table in a database
c) To create a relationship between two tables in a database
d) To create a relationship for queries in a database
4) Which Access database object asks a question about the data stored in a database and displays specific fields and
records that answer the question?
a) Form
b) Table
c) Query
d) Report
5) Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2016 database files?
a) .mdb
b) .acdbs
c) .accdb
d) .dbacc
6) Which of the following terms describes the Access feature that allows a user to size a column in datasheet view so
that the column is just wide enough to display the longest visible value in the column?
a) Wide fit
b) Best fit
c) Column adjustment fit
d) Trim fit
7) Which term identifies a field that appears in two separate tables and may be used to connect records in the
separate tables?
a) Primary key field
b) Field value
c) Foreign key field
d) Common field
8) The default sort order for records in an Access table is based on the values in the primary key field.
a) True/ False
9) Compacting a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size.
a) True/False
10) The only option available for creating tables in Access is to use the datasheet view.
a) True/False
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