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AGNR 292 Quiz: AGNR 292 Quiz 2 Study GuideExamPremium

2 pages33 viewsSpring 2019

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Course Code
AGNR 292
Kimberly Campbell
Study Guide

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Quiz 2
To be completed at home
Please use your book to find the correct answers
1._______ is the default name for a new table in an Access database.
A. My table
B. Table1
C. ADB Table
D. TableA
2. A field used to connect one table logically with another table is called a
_______ field.
A. Common
B. Primary
C. Composite
D. Data
3. A relationship between Access tables that is a relationship between one
record in the first table and zero, one, or many records in the second table,
and at least one record in the second table matches at most one record in the
first table, is defines as a ______ relationship.
A. One-to-One
B. One-to-Many
C. One-to-Most
D. Many-to-One
4. Changing the order of fields in a database table is an example of changing a
table’s _____.
A. Purpose
B. Structure
C. Data
D. Value
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