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MSE 2090 Study Guide - Final Guide: Martensite, Cementite, Metal

Materials Science and Engineering
Course Code
MSE 2090
Study Guide

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Review Tests and new material
Emphasis on the new material
3 pages of cheat sheets
Multiple choice 216
Multiple choice 216
Numeric 144
Office hours Tues& wed: 12-1

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Very Brief review
Chap 1-2 Binding—types of forces, isotropic, anisotropic materials
Chap 3 crystal structures, allotrophy, polymorphism, # in cell, basic structure, packing
Chap 4 Defects: interstitials, vacancies vs. T, dislocations(point, linear, 2D), Burgers vect
Chap 5 Diffusion expressions
Chap 18 Metals, Semiconductors, Insulators, bands gaps: calculate conductivity
(effects that increase or decrease), extrinsic, intrinsic, Group III, IV, V n,p types
Chap 6 Mechanical: Youngs modulus, TS, yield strength, ductile/brittle. Tensile stress/strain,
Poisson ratio
Chap 7 dislocation motion and shear/ slip planes.
Chap 8 Cold work, Failure: Fatigue, Creep, toughness
Chap 9/10 Single Phase, Solubility, isomorphous diagram, single component diagram,
Tie lines, composition, weight %; Know the boundaries (solidus, solvus etc); Phase diagrams
for equilibrium, TTT for temperature changes; Lammellar, eutectic, eutectoid, peritectic;
Competing processes in nucleation: driving force, r*, dG*, supercooling, etc.
Materials on the Fe/C. Cementite, martensite, banite, etc. Sketch some of the microstructure
Single phases are all labeledmixed. Intermetallic compound line.
Chap 14 polymers: crystallinity, types, shapes, tacticity, mer, DP, Mn, response to heat,
Mechanical behavior, cross sinking, branching, types of bonds, geometric isomerism,
coploymers , sterioeisomersim, etc.
Using OLD exam: no light scattering or magnetism, but also things we covered, they did not

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Some slides from a previous review of early material
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