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Plant Biology
PBIO 004
Nicholas J.Gotelli

Chapter 1 Personal Computers A computer needs both hardware and software to work A PC is a self-contained computer with input, processing, storage, and output A desktop computer includes a system unit and a separate monitor, keyboard, and mouse A mobile computer is a computer that can be moved around A typical laptop (notebook) has a monitor that when swiveled up reveals a keyboard with the remaining components housed below A netbook is a small notebook designed primarily for email and internet access. Ultabooks are thinner, lighter and more powerful notebooks. A tablet PC is a lightweight notebook with a smaller screen that you interact with using touch or a digital pen Mobile Devices, Wearable Computers and Embedded Computers Computers for Connecting Multiple Users and Specialized Processing Computer Innovations and Converging Technologies Information Technology and the Information Processing cycle Cloud Computing Green Computing Using computers and other electronic devices in an environmentally responsible manner is known as green computing Green computing practices, policies and procedures strive to reduce energy consumption; reduce use of paper and paper supplies; and reuse, recycle or properly dispose of electronics Five ways to practice Green Computing Use Energy Star rated devices turn off or unplug devices when not in use reduce printing of documents modify power options on your computers resell or donate old equipment Computers and Your Health Technology on the World Stage Recent political and global issues have shown that modern technology has greatly affected society. Political Issues By January 2011, Egypt "shut down" the Internet for the entire country due to conflict that came up with a Facebook page in recognition of an Egyptian man who was tortured and killed by authorities. Protests against the shutting down of the Internet became violent, and Internet access was restored a few days later. In December 2007, Kenya had the closest presidential election in history. Suspicion of electoral fraud had been brought to attention. Due to this, Ory Okolloh created a blog to inform the public of the issue. Her use of social networking eventually yielded a platform called Ushahidi, which is a crisis map
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