Lecture 1:Plant Pathology in History & Contemporary Issues

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Plant Biology
PBIO 117
Terrence P.Delaney

8/27/13  Plant Pathology & History o Ergot: Salem Witch Trials  Consuming fungal sclerocia is toxic  Bad crop year is evidence that consumption of infected wheat occurred.  Contains lysergic diethylamide acid (LSD), side effects correlate with problems described by ‘victims’ and/or ‘witches’  Psychoactive properties accidentally isolated in 1938, is now cultivated for medicinal purposes o Tea in England  Coffee was originally predominant in 1600’s until coffee rust devastated crop, tea then became more popular o Late Blight: Irish Potato Famine  Precursors:  Population explosion  Monoculture- one single variety of potato, minimum genetic variation  Plant Pathology Today o Newly identified diseases/ emergent more virulent strains  Ex. Sudden Oak Decline & UG99 strain of Wheat Stem Rust (defeats resistance genes in 90% of varieties) o Newly introduced  Consequence of human activity moving material across ecological barriers  Ex. Plum Pox & Citrus Canker o Reemerging/ New Variety of Pathogen  Ex. Pierce’s Disease on grapes & Late Blight o Global Food Security  Management Practices o Light planting increases risk of pathogen spread o Watering that creates prolonged leaf wetness can increase risk of pathogen infection  Symptoms- response to pathogen o Can occur on roots, stem, storage organs, seedlings, leaves, etc. o Cankers- eruptions/scarring on the surface of the pla
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