BOTANY 130 Final: Exam II Study Guide, but does not include Clayton or 3-11 Notes

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30 Oct 2014

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Exam ii study guide: orientaion, the dna molecule and its structure, the process of replication. Enzymes involved (topoisomerase, helicase, rna primase, dna polymerase, dna ligase) A and g: purines (bigger) c and t: pyrimidines. A and t get double bonded c and g get triple bonds. Dna: sugar phosphate background, wrapped into a double helix. Genome-complete set of dna, a set exits in every living cell. G1-cell is growing, s-dna is replicated, g2-everything is determined good for cell to replicate. Semi-conservative replication: one strand is conserved, the other is made. Single stranded binding proteins-stabilize strands, keep them apart. Rna primase: pre dna polymerase-makes a primer (short segment of dna nucleotides) can start from nothing and necessary for dna polymerase to start. Dna ligase: attaches fragments also working to connect stuff (although less stuff) in the leading strand. Each cell has same genome (set of dna) but only expresses a subset of the dna.

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