COM ARTS 360 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rhetorical Criticism, Interpersonal Communication, Visual Rhetoric

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30 Oct 2014

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Wichelns offers several contrary characteristics of literary and rhetorical criticism. Specific audience (northerners who heard a lincoln speech in civil war would respond differently than south) Effect (to convince an audience that one position is right) Fulton and trueblood, first position right [must be prepared to demonstrate!] Fulton and trueblood is an example of how some elocution texts developed very specific relationships between aspects of delivery and emotional states. Often look at specific gestures and what they believed were universal responses from audiences: there were gestures which inspired or excited, or draw fear from others. The significance of the first right position is that of mentality, self-poised and under control. It is used in narration, description, didactic thought, and in gentle emotions. Black"s critique of neo-aristotelian context, content, and judgment: black argues that neo-aristotelians operate with a restricted view of context. Though sense of context was too narrow. The speech was too often the focus.

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