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Littrans204 - lecture 22 - after spring break/ wwii (3/27) Text from 2nd half of 20th century isn"t easier. Master and margarita was originally written in the 30"s but only enjoyed and published in. Later 20"s: state creates institutions to influence soviet culture. Variety of literary groups that competed and conflicted with each other. Few literary groups heavily supported by soviet govt. 1934: soviet government ends independent literary organizations and prevents discourse from independent viewpoints. Famous literary workers were expected to show degree of loyalty to soviet govt. Many authors who grew in fame in 20"s were not able to respect demand of soviet govt. to control their work. Many of the young authors who rose in 30"s more easily made compromises. Rapid change in cultural sphere from 20"s to 30"s. Master and margarita hinted at disappearance of people that actually occurred in soviet. Many peasants and kulaks(richer peasants) were also purged or exiled to siberia.

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