LITTRANS 271 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Gustav I Of Sweden, Norse Mythology, Steen Steensen Blicher

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Written texts (time of action is more or less the same as time of. T a l e s (legendary time) / 793. Major criticism: indulgences-you cant buy your way out of your sins, only god can forgive you: didn t believe in purgatory (between heaven and hell) Church was gaining too much power, too much land (need reform) Ideas from the reformation: irony bc kingo was born a poor man and he advance his position to being right under the king so there could be joy in the world: monarchy portrayed as having fun. Reformation phrase: poems message: stay in the same social hierarchy that you were born into and do your best there so you can have a good afterlife, no joy in this world not even for royalty and nobility. Anti-catholic ideas: (below) spells in latin (language of the church/bible)

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