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Combined the lutheran emphasis on the interpretation of the doctrine with the puritan values of individual piety and worship (eros). Inner mission- strongest revival and evangelical movement in denmark. It was a fundamentalist christian religion that called people to personal faith through agape. Realism/reality- scientific principles were now being applied to art through modern trends, realism, and naturalism. Revolution on the fact that society was not living up to its ideals. There was a criticism applied to the limitations on human thought in a period of great breakthroughs. Hca was trying to criticize the bourgeoisie while still making them his maid audience, gained reputation from the people he was making fun of. There was a desire of a utopia but there was an acceptance of how the borugisue would always act. There was a political battle between the boursie and the pro french rev ideals, it was mainly fight within the bourgeoisie.

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