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M H R 300 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Labour Law, Organizational Culture, Cost Leadership

Management and Human Resources
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M H R 300
Min Li
Study Guide

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Relevant Questions about HR
The compensation levels of HR managers are indicators of the importance of the HR
function in a firm
Since compensation is similar to other functions (marketing, finance, etc.) the
contribution must be similar to those functions
Sun Hydraulics
Key quality of a firm: good internal environment and development
Ultimate quality of a corporation: determined by the character of its employees who are
attracted into employment and develop because of the corporation’s environment
Managerial Rules
No charts
No job description
No hierarchies
Open doors and books
Customers deal directly with workers
Portman Hotel
Portman: prestigious architect
Luxury hotel in San Francisco
Idea: use multifunctional workers like in Asia
Personal valet: available to perform any task requested by customer
Environment with “no rules”
Key Idea
You can’t evaluate a firm’s strategy without evaluating its HR policies
In extreme examples, HR is key to determine success
5 Factors Shaping HR
Institutions and legal environment
Organizational culture
Firm strategy
Institutions and legal environment
Labor law
National culture
Expectations about jobs, companies, and government intervention
Employment at will?
The available WORKFORCE
Education, skills, demographics of potential employees
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