MUSIC 319 Quiz: Technology and Economy Guide

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25 Feb 2017

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Economies: the economic hardships of the reconstruction era & the great depression brought. Key terms: railroad, victrola, phonograph, wax cylinder, sheet music, radio. Technology: advancements in technology during the reconstruction era and the early 20th century proliferated blues music country-wide. The economic austerity that many freedmen and poor whites endured validated the emotions provoked by listening to blues music. Key terms: roaring 20"s, the great migration, jim crow, race music, sharecropping. The phonograph is a device that was invented by thomas edison. It is also known as a victrola to some people. This device was able to play music by inserting a wax cylinder, with music recorded on it. Phonographs became increasingly popular in the 1910"s and led to many records being sold. They were also present in many african american households which helped record companies decide to record race records. The first depressions to occur in the united states were in the 1870"s and 1890"s.

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