PSYCH 202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Seasonal Affective Disorder, Behaviour Therapy, Bipolar Disorder

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30 Oct 2014

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What is a psychological disorder: baron-thought and behavior that is maladaptive and causes the individual stress. Personal distress: pattern of behavior can be considered a psychological. Biological approach: abnormal behavior results from some physical dysfunction. Psychological approach: psychological disorders are the result of the past and present life experiences. Psychological disorders occur within context of society. Mental illness as a myth: thomas szaz- problems in living not mental illness takes away power and responsibility from the individual. Interactionist approach: diathesis-stress model-biology by itself is not enough to cause mental disorder . combination of biology and experience. How do we treat psychological disorders: historical perspective. Treatment based on concept of the disorder. Trephining-drilling a hole into skull to treat/release psychological disorders and evil spirits. St. mary"s of bethlehem-make body unpleasant place for devil throw you into pond, mutilate your body. Phillipe pinel-unchaining inmates treat them kindly and give them a human treatment: biomedical approach.

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