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Art History
ARTH 270
Michael Jones

 Persistence of vision and the phi phenomena  Toys that anticipated the coming of the cinema (flipbooks, zeotropropes, etc.)  Early discoveries and inventions that led to the development of motion pocture technology in the 1880s and 1890s (magik lantern, Muybridge, etc)  The two engineering essentials of a motion picture camera/projection system  Dickson, the kinetoscope, and the Edison co.  Lumiere bros., the documentary and the projected image (3/22/1895 & 12/28/1895)  What good came of the MPPC or “the Trust”?  What was the significant of Mutual v. Ohio (1915)  Melies (f/x, tableaux, fixed camera, fantasy)  Porter (parallel cutting, shot as basic unit, moving camera, Western)  The importance and contributions of Griffith in shaping a film language and in elevating the status of cinema in relation to the other arts; k
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