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Jaclyn Vick

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Carbohydrates - Made of sugars & their polymers - Small (sugars) or chains (cellulose) (C-H2-O) - Monomers= simple sugars -2 ex of monomers are glucose & fructose -When you add water, they circle up around the water. They’re no longer a chain. - Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. - When we eat carbs, most of the sugar largely gets used up. - Glucose in your blood: 3 fates 1. If energy is needed: - the molecular bonds are broken down by your cells. - Then energy is released and used. 2. If energy isn’t needed: • Short term: link together to form glycogen • Long term: converted into fat POLYSACCHARIDES (long carbohydrate molecules of repeated monomer units joined together by glycosidic bonds) : - Starch- storage in plants - Long term energy storage - Roots (storage) & seeds (to survive when it’s far from maternal unit) - It’s like a yearly cycle - Glycogen- short term storage in animals - Liver & muscles - Much shorter cycle. Daily/weekly cycle - Cellulose- plant cell walls - Allows it to stand up right - This large carb allows plant cells to stand on top of one another - Chitin (exoskeleton, lobster, insects). Can’t be digested. Gl
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