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11/14 dred-scott (1857) • supreme court case o chief justice Taney  slaves are not citizens of the US  slave cases could not be heard in federal court  congress did not have the power to ban slavery from any place in the US  slavery is protected by the constitution  because congress didn't have that power, the missouri compromise is unconstitutional  the compromise had already been repealed because of the nebraska-kansas act three years ago  the ruling meant that slavery was not the federal government jurisdiction  it was up to the states to abolish slavery  huge blow to abolitionists whig party • kansas-nebraska act kills party o differences with northern and southern whigs  splits party northern whigs start the republican party • different from jeffersons • party of reform o Abraham Lincoln  Lincoln-Douglas debates (1858) (Douglas; incumbent (D))  debates for the illinois senate seat  senators were not elected by popular vote  state legislators selected the new senator  there were still campaigns  still wanted the public to tell their representatives who to vote for  lincoln challenges douglas  douglas was an intense debater  Each debate (7 debates held) was held outside with thousands of people attending  lincoln was a relatively unknown candidate Lincoln had a remarkable path to fame • he had no support from his family o family had a subsistence farm • had almost no education o at the age of 7 he was allowed to go to school for a year  father made him quit so he could work on the farm  hated his father  he did allow lincoln to read  t
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