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HIST 103

12/02 iron clad • first use in battle o not had been invented by the us, neither battle tested o naval blockade of 3,200 mile coastline of the confederate states  (from virginia to texas)  as the war went on the blockade became more and more effective  in the north, ship building exploded (mostly in massachusetts)  no ships were built in the confederate states  confederates tried to get the british to build them ships  under pressure from the US, the british stopped  private ships were used as blockade runners to bring back european goods  they brought back very expensive luxury items  no military aid from these runners  blockade of the chesapeake bay  confederates pulls up a sunken battleship  USS Merrimack  they hobble together a iron clad  made up of iron train rails  ship was never really seaworthy  only on a clear calm day  first iron clad in battle  first US ironclad  steam ship  attacks the blockade  sinks 2 ships  goes back into harbor at night USS Monitor • second US ironclad o brand new ship design  incredibly maneuverable  when the USS monitor meets the Merrimack  cannon battle for 4 hours  the cannons were not powerful enough to pearce iron  Fought till a stand still
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