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HIST 103

11/11 kansas-nebraska act (1854) • upset long standing laws o feared by anti-slavery activists • sen. stephen douglass (D) o (“little giant) o proposed the act because of the transcontinental railroad  there was already a well developed rail system in the north (90% of tracks laid was in the north)  (10% of the railway system was in the south)  the north was much more urban and industrialized  tracks went towards west as much as iowa  building a railroad across the railroad would be stupid for private businesses  there was almost no business between iowa and california  the US was prepared for the expenditure to subsidize the building of the railroad  (congress will have incredible influence over the route) • southern senators wanted the rail to go through southern states then to the west o sen. douglass and other northern senators wanted to go through the north  (Douglass wanted chicago linked to the railroad) • admitting kansas as a slave state o act passes anti-slavery groups are incredibly upset because of the newly admitted slave states • people started to migrate to the west because of the new slave states o anti slavery activists payed people money to move to kansas to vote against slavery  (pro slavery activists did the same thing) “bleeding kansas” • violence in kansas • demonstrated the fault of popular sovereignty o cannot exist without violence  voters were bullied on both sides  the election officials on both sides cheated and both claimed that they won the election  (it was impossible to hold the election)  two di
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