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HIST 103

11/25 william steward • told lincoln to wait till the first union victory to announce that the war was over slavery battle of antietam • first encroachment of the south into the north • (not a signifigant victory for the union) o more of a war • lincoln had a desperation to turn the army back over to… o George B McCLellan  the army before had been defeated numerous times  (fredericksburg)  lee marching towards washington  at night in camp, lee meets with his officers  the army will split (for only a few days)  one part led by stonewall jackson to harpers ferry  (to attack the federal arsenal)  confederates needed guns  where john brown stages his big raid  lee draws the plan out to all of the officers  during the meeting, one of the five generals wrapped 4 cigars into the plans  McCLellan happens upon the empty camp and takes it  union private finds the map and cigars  McCLellan now has Lee’s plan  lee’s smaller army is even smaller  McCLellan does nothing  the plan goes without a hitch • both sides of the battle was hard and the battle was held in several big farms o no trees, no cover  fighting stopped in the night  when the confederates stopped fighting, waiting for the union army  McClellan waited too  He quits after the battle washington thought it was good enough • at least the confederates were stopped • Emancipation Proclamation o january 1st, 1863 (when it was put into effect)  2-3 months after the battle  to give the confedera
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