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HIST 103

10/28 westward expansion (Mid 1840s) • people traveled in families o in wagons  mostly pulled by oxen, horses or donkeys o families traveled in wagon trains  made up of 60 or more families  tended to be middle class people  (wanted their own land and become farmers)  other wanted to establish other businesses  with just about 3 months worth of food  some wagons even carried things to set up prostitution rings in bars  tried to travel before the winter o most traveled the same route  oregon trail, california trail, santa fe trail, mormon trail  ended up in oregon city, salt lake city, and san francisco  (california was still mexico and oregon was jointly occupied by US and GB) *people moving actually would be immigrating* • cost money to lay away 6 months of food and transportation o they also knew that they were risking their lives  it was not uncommon for the adults to die on the way to oregon  then the children went on alone (or adopted by the other families in the wagon train) why didn't they stop in the great plains? • indians o reason why they didn't stop, also why they traveled in trains  mostly for protection • the pains were flat and treeless o crops won't grow where trees don't grow Mormons • church of jesus christ of the later day saints • why did they come? o religious freedom  they were being persecuted in illinois  leader joseph smith and his brother was killed and dismembered  reason they were un-welcomed  polygamy  nothing more sinful as polygamy  successor Brigham Young released mormons won't stoped be prosecuted until they escape to somewhere sparsely populated. • moved to salt lake city (where it was still mexico) o desert like o lack of indians o communal type of people  put together a irrigation system  Young had 50 wives and 80 children  they werent there for long till
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