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HIST 103

10/25 monroe doctrine (1823) • in 1820-21 most of the western US was still spanish possessions o (mexico was still a colony by spain)  mexicans began to become irate with the spanish rule  (since the spanish conquests in the 1600s) by the 1800s spanish rule and power was weak  successful rebellions in mexico and south america  established brand new governments (although weak) • monroe with his secretary of state (John Quincy Adams) o all of the new governments are potentially vulnerable to be taken by european nations other than spain  (new european colonists)  the doctrine prevented any eastern hemisphere country to conquer or take over any of the new governments  (the western hemisphere is now closed)  the doctrine implied US military action  *it was a threat to the rest of the world to stay out (considered arrogant)  (the US promised to never interfere with the political affairs of europe) texas • part of mexico • the mexican government were much more worried about the US than any european nation o Moses Austin  wanted to move to mexico and nationalize  traveled to mexico city and made the mexican government an offer  he would bring 300 american families to what was “texas”  (to immigrate)  the 300 would convert to roman catholics  everybody will learn to speak spanish  only married couples will come  will not bring any slaves  in exchange for these four things that the government will give him 15000 acres of land
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