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HIST 103 Study Guide - Samuel Slater, Missouri Compromise, Industrial Revolution

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democratic Madison was elected in 1806
re elected in 1812
federalists hurt because they didn't support the war
election of 1816
democratic republic party was stronger
omadison declined to run for a third turn
madison instrumental in getting james monroe elected
monroe re elected in 1820
missouri compromise (1820)
economic development in the early 1800’s
industrial revolution (1790)
ofirst real american factories were built
first textiles factories by British Samuel Slater
came to america to start a factory
parliament made it illegal to export technology from GB
made it hard for Slater to leave the country
had to sneak out
he had intimate knowledge about textile machinery
had no money himself
contacted moses brown to back him
slater was determined to be built in the north
because of the waterways to power the factory
(also the reduced risk of a drought)
factory was built by a river in Rhode Island
the northern part of america was
the industrial area
the south was run by slaves and
factory workers were exploited brutally
children were working long hours
(mostly for their parents)
the only adults
working at Slater’s factory
were the supervisors and
children worked 18
hour days six days a week
most were not paid
but were given a place to
“subject to the lash”
ofirst began in europe
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