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10/23 democratic Madison was elected in 1806 • re elected in 1812 • federalists hurt because they didn't support the war election of 1816 • democratic republic party was stronger o madison declined to run for a third turn  madison instrumental in getting james monroe elected  monroe re elected in 1820  missouri compromise (1820) economic development in the early 1800’s • industrial revolution (1790) o first real american factories were built  first textiles factories by British Samuel Slater  came to america to start a factory  parliament made it illegal to export technology from GB  made it hard for Slater to leave the country  had to sneak out  he had intimate knowledge about textile machinery  had no money himself  contacted moses brown to back him  slater was determined to be built in the north because of the waterways to power the factory (also the reduced risk of a drought)  factory was built by a river in Rhode Island  the northern part of america was the industrial area  the south was run by slaves and agriculture  factory workers were exploited brutally  children were working long hours (mostly for their parents)  the only adults working at Slater’s factory were the supervisors and mechanics  children worked 18 hour days six days a week  most were not paid but were given a place to live  “subject to the lash” o first began in europe  started in great britain  massive amounts of raw materials and coal • first
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