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10/21 thomas jefferson • president o louisiana purchase (1804)  wildly popular  jeffersons idea  purchasing louisiana from the french (napoleon) o re-elected washington dc • debate between washington, hamilton, and jefferson o strangely rural  small town hardship french and british wars • british still taking american men and ships for the war • 1807 o chesapeake incident  the uss chesapeake patrolling outside of virginia  approached by the HMS Leopard  messaged the chesapeake: prepare to be boarded  the us captain continued on his original course  Leopard fires upon the Chesapeake killing five US sailors and destroying the ship  jefferson was determined to stay out of another war with GB  enacts the embargo act embargo act • US was the premier country with trade between the western hemisphere and europe o the act confined ships to american ports  it killed the exporting business  killed exports to and from the US  sailors were laid off and farmers went broke  jefferson felt even though it was terrible for the economy it was worth it for the us to stay out of the war  it was so unpopular that at the end of jefferson's term he repealed the law james madison • from virginia o madison and jefferson were friends • 1809 o nepolonic wars o shipping problms o democratic party was the majority  federalist party was very weak  war hawks  federalist angry that the US was being victimized by the more powerful european countires • war hawks convince madison to initiate war against a european country o decided to start a war with GB in 1812 war
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