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HIST 103

10/02 battle of saratoga (october 1777) • first major american victory o not led by general washington  horatio gates  originally in america to fight the rebels  changed sides (liked the cause and the country)  contacted washington the trade sides to join the american army  benedict arnold  british general: john burgoyne  was supposed to meet howe  together would attack massachusetts  but communications broke down and howe attacked philadelphia  washington was in philadelphia defending the city  over 8,000 men  did not expect to be attacked in the wilderness  most of the men are captured o takes two months for franklin to learn that the battle was won by the americans  the french decides that the american rebels were to be taken seriously  french commit themselves to the american side • uptown new york last battle of the revolution • yorktown (october 1781) o british general charles cornwallis  successful in fighting in the carolinas  coming into virginia he tried to capture the governor (thomas jefferson)  by the time they got to yorktown, the british soldiers were exhausted  needed reinforcements, food, supplies, ammo  tried to signal to new york for help, waited two months  both the british and washington got the message  with the combined french and american forces of 18,000 men marched
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