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9/25 TODAY TEST 2 revolution • boston occupation o before the war broke out Hessians • German mercenaries o greatly used o 35,000  plus 50,000 british soldiers and sailors  (the amount of american milita and regulars is unknown due to the lack of records) american generals • washington wasn't the only general o went to the boston area because thats where the fight began to recrut soldiers  William Howe (British General in Boston)  in charge of the army when the war actually started Boston • british had 1500 men in boston o washington surprised them  brits thought they wouldn't be fighting anybody else other than the minutemen  washington took the advantage of a minutemen captured fort (ticonderoga)  isolated british fort  the soldiers stationed there didn't even know that the revolutionary war was going on  the british let the minutemen come into the fort  Cannons stationed in that fort  cannons manufactured only in england  they brought the cannons to boston to take it o Henry Knox  general with intimate knowledge of artillery  bookstore owner  read military books  read about the use and application of cannons and cannon fire  surprised the british by using cannons on top of hilltops around boston  after a few weeks of fighting and shelling, William Howe made the decision that boston was a bad place for the
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