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HIST 103

9/23 france • america coming to them had the opportunity to make great britian less great o to take away the great british colony o why send benjamin franklin  spoke french  highly educated  leading scientist and inventor  he made so much money from the newspaper he was able to sell it off and retire at age 40  found practical uses for scientific discoveries  celebrity  well known in france because of his knowledge and his scientific prowess  ex: invented bifocals  franklin stove  solid iron wall in front of a fireplace would heat a room more efficiently than just a fire place  lightning rod  battery  he spent most of the revolutionary war in france  would negotiate the peace treaty  wasn't home when his wife died  favorite with the french ladies  found him charming  refused to wear the latest fashions  powdered wigs, best threaded clothes  he did not go immediately to france  not till 1778 when the french started to help the americans during the period waiting for the king’s response to the olive branch petition • common sense o thomas paine  recent immigrant  english immigrant just a year before  installing the virtues of a repuplic form of government  common sense  it was common sense that George III was not going to do anything to help the colonists  tyrant  republic  gives the poewer to the people ruled  influenced the continental congress • Battles were still happening all along the east coast after the congress had met over the year • thomas jefferson was authorized to write a document for the independence of the colonies o declaration of independence  wrote it and gave it to franklin to ed
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