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9/18 relations between the colonies and the british • the stamp act was another opportunity for the colonies to send representatives to meet o the stamp act congress  9 of the 13 came  took place again in new york  to write out their grievances to the king and parliament  george III  27 year old king  making a name for himself • non importation agreements o began as petitions  agreed not to buy british goods  all 13 colonies agreed to this agreement  the british government then repealed the stamp act the british government then feared of a more rebellious america • in response to the repeal, another act was passed o to show who was in charge  Declaratory act  parliament can pass any law it chooses and colonists must obey it took another year for parliament to create another law • (townshend act) taxing 5 essential things for living in the new world o tea, paint, lead, glass and paper  tea smuggling boomed  some were intercepted by some HMS’ and burned the ships  colonists were willing to pay more for smuggled tea than if they just paid the tax some colonial shopkeepers still sold those items for less • sons of liberty would come to those shops terrorized and beat up the stores and store owners o merchants became really afraid to stock those items  british traders were losing money  parliament is asked by merchants to kill the townshend act  repealed  tea was still expensive. 1768 • british soldiers stationed in boston o resented by the bostonians  lobster backs, red coats o boston massacre  winter 1770  cold january night  tavern  drunken bar tenders began throwing snowballs  soldiers come  they shoot into the crown  kill 5 unarmed civilians the shooters was put on trial • the trial was to make a point o the british soldiers was a mistake and will continue to the • others were only put away for 4 years because of the boston massacre tea act 1773 • tea was already taxed o another tax on
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