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HIST 103

9/13 slave trade • started by the spanish o don't know how many were kidnapped to the western hemisphere  no records exist o most went to cuba  some to brazil  others to charleston • slave trade spread from spain to england o royal africa company  english slave trade o fortresses in the african west coast was dual purpose (portuguese)  to track the capture and transfer of prisoners  and slaves  called factories  african warlords would capture other tribes and send them there  the warlords would trade captured slaves for guns  also: axes, steel tools, silk, alcohol, tobacco o europeans did not want to conquer africa  they like having others kidnap slaves  ships were specifically made to transport slaves to the new world  25% of slaves died because of the horrible closed conditions of which the slave were being transported o conditions for the enslaved were better for those in the english colonies  they were allowed for families and better living conditions  those in spanish and portiguese colonies had a life span of about 10 years  only men france • new france o france owned most of the midwestern united states  to new mexico o came through the saint lawrence river  established quebec  down to the mississippi river  to the gulf of mexico  established new orleans o 60,000 french lived in this large territory
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