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HIST 103

9/6 jamestown • first permanent colony o three ships brought 100 men and boys along  virginia trading company  landed in ronaoke  mixture of people  didn't have a defined leader  most wanted to find gold indians • nearly 20,000 living in virginia o organised in a powhatan confederacy  made up of smaller tribes  leader was referred to as powhatan  instead of hunting wild livestock and growing crops (corn) winter • captain john smith took control of the colony o when the colony was undergoing hard times • when exploring john smith is captured by powhatans o explained that he was the leader for the foreigners  pocahontas saves john smith  daughter of the powhatan  out of hundreds of children  powhatans were monogymus  about 13 years old when she saves smith  she found englishmen to be intresting  she would make trips into jamestown to see how the english live john smith takes control • makes rules o fou you didn't fish, hunt, or farm wasn't going to eat malaria • since they were near the river o some were killed by malaria carried by mosquitoes 1608 • women came to the new world o many marriages in james town 1609 • john smith is severely burned o gunpowder keg explodes and burns smith  smith decides to go back to england for proper medical treatment  jamestown discipline goes away  has the worst winter  400 people had immigrated to jamestown  low food and water  killings by indians  started eating anything they could find  people dying from disease  cannibalism  started by digging up recently dead bodies  then when someone died they were cut up and cooked up  one man killed and salted his wife  1610  only about 60 survived the winter word spread that jamestown sucks • starvation, disease, and famine o people still came to the new world  england was just as bad the english government was strict with their laws • people executed for stealing o even killed for not having a job • the idea of the promise of land enticed the poor to travel to the new world free transprotation and food to the new world by (virginia trading company of london) • the poor became indentured servants o men and women o binding contract  agreed to work for 7 years with no pay  most were poor  some werent  some residents could secure 50 acres of land for every indentured servant they brought over  with the 250 the company had already given them tobacco • virginia was perfect for tobacco o hot, humid, some rain  up untill 25 years ago tobacco was the biggest agricultural production in vi
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