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Notes 8/28 • when columbus hits cuba o he thinks he is just off the coast of japan  he sees people without clothes and gold  he takes a bit of gold and heads back to spain  he also notes that they drink and smoke  tobacco • he is hailed as a hero when he returns o word spreads that he made it to the indies in 6 weeks  no one knew he had just discovered a new continent • the spanish monarchy sends columbus with 17 ships to establish a perminent colony • the 40 men left behind were found dead o he didn't return to hispaniola  he set up a beachhead on the tip of cuba  he died a frustrated man  he didn't find the big cities he was first looking for (in china) • spain claimed the area columbus had landed for itself • spanish conquest o after columbus died  spain sends conquistadors  spanish soldiers  on the payroll  they came to conquer  they were officially there to convert natives to christianity  it was one of the conquistadors to find out the fact that this is the “new world”  they were a mix of medieval armor and modern muskets  also had land cannons  many of the soldiers were veterans of past wars  in the southern part of spain, there was fighting between the christian monarchy and the muslim population that occupied the southern part  cortes, 1519  moved from cuba and traveled into mexico city  there they discovered a huge society  Aztecs  300,000 people living there  this made this city the largest city known to the european world • aztecs o a civilized nation  the ability to read and write  had their own written language  stratified society  “class system”  developed corn in farms  farmed animals  domesticated animals  religious society  theocracy  government and religion is
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