HIST 201 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Impressment, Triangular Trade, Headright

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11 Nov 2017

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Case study i: the art of historical detection. Michael j. salevouris with conal furay the uses of history . Study questions: how did the power of historical memory undermine the communist government in the. Putin directed an initiative to structure the national curriculum, teaching children that stalin"s actions were rational. They destroyed everything that disagreed with the stalin era, shaping the russian citizens to think highly of their country: of the eight reasons listed on pgs. The most important reason is good history is a corrective for misleading analogies and lessons of the past because it allows for people in the present to notice many inaccurate positions and expose wrongfully inherited predetermined conclusions. Samuel huntington the american creed and national identity . A lot of the values conflict with one another. This will create conflict because depending on the value one cherishes the most will predict how they treat others that do not agree with them.